Indoor, Outdoor and Traditional Games

Indoor, Outdoor and Traditional Games

The Indoor and outdoor open play area is a very safe place for the little ones to enjoy. Additionally Traditional games, is being introduced, which not only revives our culture but also satisfies a child’s natural curiosity.

Pantry and Dining:

The Dining provides Nutritious as well as Tasty snacks for the children as an Introductory Offer at free of cost.

Medical Facilities:

The first aid is well-stocked to handle minor injuries and illnesses. And the parents will be informed immediately, if the child is unwell.

Montessori Room:

Our curriculum is an Integrated Kinder Garten and Montessori Methodology of teaching in the early stage of childhood education. This methodology promotes self-confidence, independent thought and action in a child, while fostering social, emotional and intellectual growth.