Management / Committee

Karumuttu Thiagarajar

Sri. Karumuttu Thiagarajar

Founder Chairman

who is often called as 'Textile King' was a Philanthropist, Industrialist and Educationalist founded Thiagarajar Polytechnic College, Salem in the year 1958 with the vision to offer technical education to the people of Salem. Besides being an ardent educationalist with establishing 19 Educational Institutions, Sri.Karumuttu Thiagarajar established fourteen textile mills in his lifetime. He evinced keen flair for promoting Tamil language.

Chockalingam Chettiar

Sri. M.S.Chockalingam Chettiar

Former Chairman of Thiagarajar Polytechnic College

with his farsighted vision took the polytechnic to the highest standards. Realizing the need for quality institution in higher education Sri. M.S.Chockalingam established Sona College of Technology in 1997 which is now proving to be the best institution in providing the first class higher education. Being a highly spiritual person, Sri.M.S.Chockalingam Chettiar served as the “Thakkar” of Sri.Rajaganapathy temple Salem during 1987-1988. It was during his tenure as Thakkar, the outer part around the temple sanctum was constructed.




The Educational Evangelist of India, possesses wide portfolio from Textiles, Infrastructure and Construction, Plantation, Education and Information Technology. He was instrumental in putting on IT map when Texas Instruments decided to partner with Sona-Valliappa Group. He is the president of Industrial (Greater Mysore Chamber of Commerce and Industry) and Trade (Federation of Karnataka Chamber of Commerce and Industry), Chamber of Commerce. He is the recipient of the Engineering Watch EDUPRENEURS Award 2013. In appreciation of his commendable services, he was invited as the Guest of American Government to visit USA on futuristic development. With his far sighted vision, he leads the Sona Group of Institutions.He is the founder of Sona College of Arts and Science and it was here that the most important ideals took shape by establishing it and fulfilling the demands for quality education in Arts and Science in this region. Also, he is the founder of Sona Valliappa Public School established in 2020. The school is a boon to the people and stepping stone for the academic progress of their wards. He is the President of Association of Management’s of Aided Polytechnic Colleges, Tamilnadu.

Seetha Valliappa

Smt.Seetha Valliappa


The kind hearted Madam Chairman, is the lady behind the success of Sona Group of Institutions. She is an epitome of success who strives for women empowerment and has set herself as a role model in taking the Sona Group of Institutions to lofty heights. Mrs. Seetha Valliappa emphasizes the importance of carving the young minds right from the childhood, and now she continues her services as correspondent at Sona Valliappa Public School.

Chocko Valliappa

Sri. Chocko Valliappa


has made a triumphant venture into the highly competitive IT industry and has accumulated a vast experience in developing and exploring innovative technologies. He is a passionate and a Multifaceted Industrialist who co-founded the incubation company Valliappa Software Techpark. He is the founder of Vee Technologies which has become a gold standard Global services company focusing on Revenue cycle Management, Healthcare, & Engineering services and it features in information Week List-100 Top Global Outsourcing companies. He is one of the founders of the Young Entrepreneurs Organization (EO) Bangalore Chapter and acted as President and Area-Director for India and Nepal Region. He is a member of the YPO (Young Presidents Organization) Global 1. He cares for the society through Sona Foundation's Community Centres and "Sona-Yukti". His dynamism directs the group of institutions to reach the pinnacle of glorious success.

Thyagu Valliappa

Sri.Thyagu Valliappa


Heads Textile and Garments sector and is very keen in elevating Sona Group to very lofty standards on par with globally renowned colleges. He is the active member of SIMA and represents it at the Confederation of Indian Textile Industry. Also, he is the founder of SIMA Committee of Young Directors (COID). His experience in Plantation and Textile has been the longest and today both these divisions from Sona Valliappa Group are major Exporters of Coffee and Textile. He is the founder and CEO of Storage and Movement (SAM) division of Valliappa Software Tech Park (VSTP), which offers a total solution in the areas of logistics and warehousing. He is also the CEO of Sona Sports & Entertainment. His constant encouragement, support and guidance help in adopting many innovative practices in all the institutions of Sona group and elevates to the International standards.