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Principal Message


“ The Journey of thousand miles begins with a single step…..”

The Sona Group of Institutions has built a reputation for the quality of its work for more than 60 years in the field of Education and Industry.

Our school provides an exciting and safe atmosphere, where the needs of the children are nurtured. The school prides itself on its stimulating curriculum and provides a happy environment, so that the children become independent learners in future.

The Institution strongly believes that when children develop practical learning as a life skill and see the real life applications of the knowledge they gather, they will become lifelong learners.

This is an Institution where our children have become a part of a greater family, who have come to us seeking education and leave an impression of empowerment not only towards themselves but also to the society around them.

We heartily welcome the young ones to climb the ladder of success…………

Best Wishes!

Principal Message